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Terms of Service

Please, take your time to read the terms of service before you proceed to order. Thank you!

  • Prices are for personal use only. You can use, upload, print and gift it to others but don't sell.

  • Payment can only be made via Paypal (USD) and BCA (IDR).

  • 2 steps payment. Upfront (50%) and before the final result is sent via email (50%). I will start sketching after the first payment.

  • Prices already include solid color background. Free simple decorated background if requested!

  • Detailed background may cost additional price, starting from US$ 20 / IDR 100k.

  • Orders for more than 2 characters get 10% discount!

  • Default canvas size are 210 mm x 297 mm (A4) with 300 ppi. Feel free to customize the canvas size if you want!

  • Free 2x revisions on Sketch, and 2x Revision on coloring!

  • Major revision are not allowed after the full payment and file is well received.

  • No Cancel + Hit + Run while the drawing process is on going.

  • I still have rights over the final artwork. Meaning, I can post it on my page or use it as portfolio.

  • Please don’t ask me to replicate other artist’s art style.

  • Commission takes 7-21 days to be finished, depending on the difficulty and queue.

Price List

How To Order

  1. Contact me via email or DM (Instagram or twitter)

Email subject: COMMISSION_(your username)

  1. Fill the form and send it to my email or DM

  • Name:

  • Email:

  • Commission type : Person / Pet

  • Size : headshot / bust up / half body / knee up / full body

  • Quantity :

  • Canvas size*: default / landscape / square / custom

  • Background type*: transparent / solid color / simple background / detailed background

  • Character reference**: (appearance, pose, outfits, expression, etc)

  • Background reference **:

  • Additional description*:

* = Optional
** = picture references or descriptions are required.
At this stage we can discuss the illustration concept. I can also offer other alternatives if the request from the buyer cannot be fulfilled.

  1. After the illustration concept is agreed upon, I will send an invoice to you via email.

  2. Pay upfront min. 50%

  1. Working progress:

  • Sketching. At this step you are allowed to make 2 revisions

  • Base Color. At this step you are allowed to only make 1 revision

  • Coloring & Rendering. At this step you are allowed to make 1 minor revision.

  1. Last payment 50% before I send the final result to your email!

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